Tier 5 teachers, do you need more work?

Tier 5 teachers, do you need more work?

Are you a teacher with a Tier 5 visa? Are you being let down by your current agency who promised you the world but have not delivered? Are you looking for just a bit more honesty in the work you get, the pay you get and the travel times required to get to a job? Then why not speak to Classroom today. 

We are a family run company in the heart of London with experience working with teachers all around the globe over the past 15 years. We appreciate that a lot of people come to London so they can travel around Europe. So if you want to take a long weekend exploring, just let us know! 

We have incredibly competitive salaries and will at least match your current daily rate. By signing up to Classroom, because of our relationship with many schools built up over many years, you open yourself up to many different opportunities for work. 

At the same time, we do not make promises of work that we cannot keep. We appreciate that you may have consistent part time work with your main agency and will not interfere with this. We will work with you to fill any days where you are looking for work but have not been able to secure it. 

If you are looking for work in September on a full time or part time basis we would love to help. We can use the odd days you may be available this term to get you interviews and trial days at schools where you want to work from September. Remember the best way to get a job is to do the job! 

If you are not looking for work but have a friend who is, please let us know. If you recommend a fellow teacher to us we will pay for a return flight to Europe for you up to the value of £150 once they work 20 days for us! So you can go and explore on us!

Why not call me today on 020 7636 0600 or email to find out more!

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