What do Classroom do during the holidays?

What do Classroom do during the holidays?

Classroom will be open for business throughout the summer break from 10 - 4 every day. I wanted to give you a taste of things that will be doing during this period to make sure that we in the best position to help you get as much work for the new academic year as you need:

1) Registrations: The summer is a perfect time to join Classroom. Without the rush of the school term, we are in a position to spend longer speaking to everyone who registers with us, finding out exactly what you want but as importantly what you do not want.

2) Administration: The summer also gives us a chance to make sure that all of our details and notes for every candidate is up to date so that if you move or you can now only work certain days each week we know about it!

3) Research: We take great pride in the fact that we are up to date with all that is going on with schools across London as well as what is new in the world of education. I for one am going to find out more about what Justine Greening has planned (such as this 

We will also be working on a couple of projects that are coming for next year. Watch this space...

The summer is a wonderful chance to rest, recover from the school year and plan ahead. As much as that is true for teachers, it is also true for Classroom. We want to do everything possible to make the experience of everyone who works for us as positive as we can and we will work hard to deliver that throughout 2016/7.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer break and feel free to call me on 020 7636 0600 or email if you want to discuss your career progression or even just to tell me about your great holiday! 

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