Tuesday Evening Registrations until Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas we appreciate that it can be difficult to register with us during the school day

In the lead up to Christmas we appreciate that it can be difficult to register with us during the school day, or even immediately afterwards. As such, we are opening our doors each Tuesday from now until Christmas until 8pm so that we can see anybody who wants to register.

So if you are a teacher, teaching assistant, school administrator or school caretaker, please call the office on 020 7636 0600 or email saying you want to register after school. We will need to book you in for an appointment to ensure you have all the correct documentation.

If you are currently in a long term or permanent role we will need to meet with you face-to-face. Classroom will not market candidates to schools without having met them and without references in place.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why is registration important?

  1. We want to ensure that we have enough time to properly understand your requirements. In order to rule in and importantly rule out options, having an in-depth interview helps you and your consultant fully understand your needs but also gives your consultant the information they need to find the right school for you. It is not just about throwing you into a job, it is about finding you the right job
  2. It is part of our auditing process. We need to make sure that we have met you and seen original copies of your documents. Over the years we have seen fake visas and qualifications and we have a duty to the pupils you will be working with to do all the relevant checks
  3. It does everybody involved a disservice to send your details to a school when we have not met you. Classroom works ethically and we want to assure our schools that we really understand our candidates strengths. You cannot do that effectively over the phone.
  4. We require references in order to put candidates in to schools. Very often we need to talk through exactly what we need for each candidate to meet our compliance regulations. This is often only done effectively when face-to-face.
  5. Finally, would you want somebody teaching your child who has not been vetted properly? That your school had not just hired a teacher to fill an empty classroom? Of course not. You want the school to take the time to find the right teacher, to work with experienced consultants who understand education and always have the child at the heart of what they do.

So, if it seems that we are going over the top in only submitting candidates for positions who we have met in person, there are good reasons. We understand that registering with an agency is a pain. However, after 15 successful years, we are not going to start compromising the way we work for a quick placement that does not work out. The hundreds of candidates we have placed can attest to the value of the work we do.  

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