Experience working with children? Looking for teaching assistant or nursery work?

Are you proactive? Are you able to quickly build rapport with children?

Are you proactive? Are you able to quickly build rapport with children? Maybe you have thought about becoming a teacher and do not know the best way to make that happen? If that sounds like you, let us know!

Classroom Teachers has been working with schools across London for years. During that time, one of the biggest lessons we have learnt is that when it comes to teaching assistants, attitude and enthusiasm is key. Yes, there are qualifications you can gain as a teaching assistant but it is what you bring to the classroom which is key. Are you happy to work with pupils with additional needs? Will you stay to help the teacher clear up the classroom at the end of the day? Will you develop your skills by attending courses on Makaton or PECS?

You will need to have worked with children before in a professional capacity and we will need to get a reference for it. But this can be from a range of backgrounds. We work with actors with T.I.E experience or who have done workshops in schools; we work with social care workers who have helped children in their homes and in the community; we work with sports coaches looking to work in the classroom. There are many paths to becoming a teaching assistant but the following qualities are essential:

  • Reliability. If you are not reliable, we will not be able to help you and a school will not want to work with you. That means showing up for your registration appointment, responding to messages and turning up on time for work. It sounds simple but a school cannot function without it
  • Being proactive. The biggest reason that schools do not ask for teaching assistants to go back to them is that they do not show initiative. If you are helping a pupil 1:1 you need to engage with them, make sure they understand the task and the expectation. Your job is to help the pupil and the teacher, not give the teacher another job! Get there early to discuss what is expected of you with the teacher and make sure you know the behavioural policy.
  • It does not matter how much experience you have or how many relevant qualifications you have, if you are not enthusiastic about the work the school will not want to keep using you.

If you have child-based experience we can get a reference for and are looking for daily, short term or long-term work either on a part time or full-time basis we want to hear from you. 

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