to London's bespoke educational recruitment agency. Offering a 'whole school' recruitment solution to Schools and Local Authorities across London.

Classroom 15 years old

Classroom Teachers is London’s bespoke educational recruitment agency offering a whole school recruitment solution to education providers across London and the Home Counties. We understand that every school has unique needs and that every candidate has unique qualities.  We invest our time in understanding the needs of both candidates and schools, in order to ensure we make the perfect placement. Whether you are a Qualified Teacher, Tutor, TA, Nursery Nurse, Administrator, Caretaker or School Business Manager — we would love to hear from you! 020 7636 0600


"An excellent agency! Helpful and efficient, which is great, but best of all, they LISTEN to the their clients - teachers and schools alike - and try to match them for the clients' benefit rather than just to make a quick buck. My consultants at Classroom, with there integrity and ability, has served me well. Happy to recommend."

David - SEN Teacher & School contact (2022)

"Classroom Teachers is an outstanding agency that goes the extra mile in not only meeting the needs of the student but also ensures that the teacher is satisfied with the placement. My consultant is Paola and her professionalism, dedication and integrity are beyond words. I am happy to recommend Classroom Teachers any day."

Fenny - SEN Home Tutor (2023)

"Classroom Teachers are a very good agency to work for. They are extremely professional and regularly make contact to see how you are getting on. They also have a lot of different roles that are suitable for you as well as being very flexible."

Nyasha - SEN Home Tutor (2023)