Getting Paid

Classroom Teachers work with a small number of  Umbrella companies to offer the best payroll solution for each candidate.

NumberMill  is currently providing payment to temporary staff registered with Classroom Teachers Ltd.

NumberMill have been carefully selected by Classroom Teachers Ltd to be one of our preferred payroll providers. NumberMill currently process payment for the majority of our temporary candidates every week so we can assure you that you will be paid compliantly and in accordance with current legislation.


  • Hassle free weekly processing

  • Quick, easy and efficient set up

  • No charge when not working

  • Specially negotiated rates (Enhanced to cover the administration charge of 8% capped at £20 per week)

  • Holiday pay will be added to your daily rate and paid weekly

Do I need to complete lots of complicated forms?

No. Once registered with Classroom Teachers, we will provide NumberMill with your right to work and bank details. You will just need to sign a NumberMill contract to ensure prompt payment from the start of your assignment.

Any questions?

Feel free to discuss with your consultant or ring NumberMill on 0333 121 2001 for further information.

Are you a teacher that is looking for long term supply?

 There may be another option for you. Call NumberMill today to discuss their Limited Lite product. 0333 121 2001

We do also offer PAYE if you require.